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Wedding Demo Listening Guide
Whether your celebration is in a lovely church or the beauty of the great outdoors, music will creates a magical, and memorable atmosphere. These are just a few selections from my repertoire, chosen to help inspire your wedding music dreams and ideas..

Processionals - This is the music that tells your friends and family that you have arrived! I often play one song for the attendants and a different one for the bride, to add emphasis to the arrival of the bride.

1. The Bridal March - This is the classic “Here Comes the Bride”. It is as lovely on the harp as it is on the organ, but with a very different feel.

Click here to listen to The Bridal March

2. Pacelbel’s Canon - This is a very popular choice. The variations of the melody lines that weave throughout this piece are beautiful, making this an excellent piece to use for large wedding processions.

Click here to listen to Pacelbel's Canon

3. Trumpet Voluntary - Originally written for trumpet, this regal piece translates beautifully to the harp.

Click here to listen to Trumpet Voluntary

4. Welsh Tune - I have simplified the tongue-twisting Welsh title of this song for everyone’s sake. However, the piece itself is delightful and is one of my personal favorites. It is stately, but light - a perfect mixture of musical elements for a joyful processional!

Click here to listen to Welsh Tune

Interludes - A song during the ceremony gives everyone, especially the wedding couple, the opportunity to relax and enjoy the special moment. If you have many readings, you might prefer an instrumental piece. However, a song with words expressing your sentiments is gorgeous. This first song is beautiful during a unity candle lighting. The second is perfect at the time of the final blessing at the end of the ceremony. I am happy to try to accommodate special requests.

5. Let It Be Me - A gorgeous, romantic love song that touches the very heart of the wedding ceremony.

Click here to listen to Let It Be Me

6. Irish Blessing - There are many lovely versions of this traditional Irish blessing; I composed this melody.

Click here to listen to Irish Blessing

Recessionals - When the ceremony comes to a close there is a joy that can be felt in the air! Lighter, livelier pieces are perfect for this time.

7. Happiness From This Day - I composed this piece as a processional for a friend’s wedding, but I think it makes a beautiful, joyful recessional.

Click here to listen to Happiness From This Day

Ensembles - I have the honor and pleasure to work with many fine musicians. These next selections feature duos and trios that are available for your ceremony and reception.

8. Planxty Po’er - This beautiful piece was written for the Irish harp by the great harper Turlough O Carolan, in the 1700’s. This version features two harps - aurally and visually stunning!

Click here to listen to Planxty Po'er

9. Dance of the Happy Spirits - The combination of harp and flute is simply exquisite!

Click here to listen to Dance of the Happy Spirits

10. Spanish Dance - Gorgeously romantic is the only way to describe the combination of Celtic harp and Flamenco guitar.

Click here to listen to Spanish Dance

11. Vals Solitaire - A very intriguing piece, composed by the guitarist, sounds wonderful during the cocktail hour.

Click here to listen to Vals Solitaire

12. Samradh, Samradh (Summer, Summer) - This Irish tune creates an aura of beauty and magic, with harp, pennywhistle and alto flute.

Click here to listen to Samradh, Samradh

13. O Carolan Medley - Beautiful 18th Century tunes performed on two Celtic harps - unique and exquisite!

Click here to listen to O Carolan Medley

14. Inishere - A wonderful harp and flute duo; perfect for a Celtic-themed wedding!

Click here to listen to Inishere

15. Be Thou My Vision - This lovely hymn is performed in a traditional style, with harp, fiddle, and flute.

Click here to listen to Be Thou My Vision


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